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Qingdao Women and Children’s Hospital(QWCH), affiliated to Qingdao University, is an advanced specialized medical center, providing a full range of services including medical care, research and teaching. The hospital is the hub of the Hospital Network consisting of more than 112 members, covering a population of about 30 million in Qingdao Area and surrounding.

AAt present, the hospital has 42 wards and 14 operating theaters with an authorized bed capacity of 1216. The annual volume achieves 2.2 million outpatient visits, 60,000 admitted patients, 30,000 surgical operations and 16,000 childbirth cases. QWCH has 3 provincial key clinical specialties including the Children’s Heart Center, Obstetrics, Pediatric Medicine, and 5 Class A/B centers with National Genetic Technology & Application Testing Center, Prenatal Diagnosis Center, Fetal Medicine Center, Newborn & Infant Disease Screening Center and Neonatal Disease Consultation Center. There are 1,900 staff, including 3 doctors with Special government allowances of the State Council, 10 doctors with the Provincial/City-level Outstanding Doctor Title, and 228 professionals with senior-level title.  

QWCH has three campus with total area of 16,2000 squares, well-equipped with DSA, CT, MRI, and other state-of-the-art infrastructures. Located in the eastern downtown of Qingdao city, Liaoyang Road campus is the main campus, providing an all-range clinical service and health care for women and children. The other two campus are Wuding Road campus and Tieshan Road campus. Wuding Road campus, formerly known as Children’s Hospital, also known as New Century Women and Children’s Hospital, provides high-end medical services with premium medical resources to satisfy higher demands. Tieshan Road campus, formerly known as Maternity Hospital, delivers maternal and child health care, psychology and rehab, also serves the public health and performs social health management for women and children.

Qingdao Women and Children’s Hospital is now striding its way to be a nationally renowned women and children's medical center.


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